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Ethan+Nathan Pattern Baby Swaddle Polar Bear

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Ethan+Nathan Baby Swaddle Blanket Cotton Muslin

Wrap your baby in a soothing hug with our New baby Swaddle Blanket collection !

Why us?
1. Ultra Soft and Comfortable Material
These swaddle blanket makes baby to feel comfortable, confident and secure as they explore their new world.
Made from 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton

2. Breathable Fabric
Made of premium Bamboo and Cotton, our premium swaddle blankets are ultra breathable! Perfect for summer days !

3. Huge Size
Size : 120 x 120 cm
This adorable Baby Swaddle Blanket collection have a huge size to help simplify daily activities with your newborn, from getting dressed and nappy changes to an afternoon nap. This Swaddle Blanket can also be used as a blanket when your baby grow!

4. So Stylish !
Our kid-inspired patterns are so stylish that it fits every use — as a sunshade over a stroller or car seat or a light blanket into the toddler years.

Why Muslin?
Because it's one of the purest, simplest, most gentle and perfect fabrics in the world !
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Ethan + Nathan


DKI Jakarta

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